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Spoken Word Storytelling
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In Tasty Four Minute Chunks

Call it what you will: transient, temporary, fleeting. Spoken word storytelling is a tradition as old as language, with origins around the campfires of every society. But because it exists temporally in the ephemeral "now," when the story is over, only the memory of it lingers. That's the beauty of the storyteller's artform.

Different than traditional storytelling, slam poetry originated in the 1980s in Chicago, Illinois, when a local poet and construction worker, Marc Kelly Smith, developed an idea to move poetry recitals away from academia and bring it back to the people. Poetry slams have become popular worldwide.  Poetry Slams are competition style (like poetry boxing) where Spoken Word Poets share their work aloud to win in the poetry slam rounds. Modern Spoken Word Poets have influenced many aspects of today’s popular culture, making poetry slam competitions one of the most accessible forms of poetry available today.

When you combine spoken word storytelling and poetry slams into one event, what do you get? Spoken Nuggets, of course!

Hosted in an open-mic setting, spoken word artists gather to present their short stories or poems in front of a live audience, with each event tied to a specfic theme. Each speaker will be given four minutes to deliver their Spoken Nugget.

Temecula Valley Writers and Illustrators is proud to offer Spoken Nuggets meetings every other month in Temecula in our continuing pledge to reach out to the creative community of the valley.

Join the excitement, experience the thrill, feel the art. Be part of Spoken Nuggets!

How Do You Spice Up a Nugget Event?
Add the Viewable Nuggets Flash Art Gallery

Blending Spoken Word With Transient Art

When we make a space for writers to bring their words to life, we got to thinking: Why not create a a similar temporal space for artists as well? With that the Viewable Nuggets flash art gallery idea was born.

At every Spoken Nuggets event, the TVWI artist community will host a Viewable Nuggets Flash Gallery, featuring subnmitted artwork both in-person on digital screens and online through this website. The Viewable Nuggets flash gallery will remain open for browsing only until the live event concludes. Then, just like the stories and poems, the art will disappear into the ether.

Viewable Nuggets artists will conform to the same event theme as the writers and can upload their artwork to this website during the submission window, three weeks prior to the event. After the event, artist names will be listed as contirbutors to the event.

Want to participate? It's easy! Check out our How It Works page for more info.



The Spoken Nuggets Theme for (7/21/24):

Inaugural Time and Special Location:
July 21st, 11:00am to 1:00pm
at the TVWI Monthly Meeting

Temecula City Hall Conference Center
(Located in the Front of the City Hall Complex)
41000 Main Street, Temecula CA, 92590

After our first meeting, Spoken Nuggets will move to a new location, with evening gatherings every other month! Return to this site for updated theme information, as well as time and location for each event.

Join us in our embrace of this fleeting artform. Share with us your nuggets. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Specatators Welcome and Encouraged!

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